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Tip the Artist

Tip the Artist

Let me just be clear, you are never under any obligation to tip me. If you have the means and the heart, your generosity makes an immeasurable impact on my life and my studio. 


FOR YOU: a handwritten thank you note in the mail (if you include your address)!


Here's what your tip goes toward (besides livelihood in pandemia): 


- Supplies (avg cost/unit): paint ($8), medium/varnish ($15), canvas ($10-50), tools/brushes/tape ($4-??), sketchbook ($15)

- Expenses: shipping, advertising, subscription, website, and Etsy fees

- Personal Development: art classes, workshops, experimental supplies (like block printing stuff!!), travel

- Inspiration: the freer I am mentally, the more I create, and so the cycle continues - each act of prosperity invites the next


I am a very engaged creator.

Is there something you want to see? Anything I can make for you? I want to dialogue. I want to collaborate. I want to create more spaces in the world where we are free to fail, to craft, to learn with no further expectation. 


I encourage you to reach out! 


(if not to me, to someone else who inspires you, who brings you joy, that makes something you think is cool)


You're the best okeeee bye!

    What your love gets me:
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