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my story

I was always a wild child. I loved making mud pies and getting into all sorts of situations involving glue and feathers. I played hard and relished every minute of it. Though a ruffian through and through, my mom, Queen Fancy, knew that sometimes we need a little magic in life and bestowed upon me the nickname of Princess Frilly.

Growing up homeschooled, my siblings and I found ourselves outside a great deal. We fell in love with the expansive blue New Mexico sky and the sweeping mountains with their red clay earth. Its rich tones creep into my work regularly.

To supplement education my mom signed us up for art, music, dance, and any other type of extracurricular class. I was taken with art and pursued it casually for my whole adolescence. It brought me true joy. When I got to college it all stopped.

The stress.. oh man, the stress. The job, the grades, the sick mom, the anxiety, the toxic friendships. I was lost. I forgot how to enjoy my life. I forgot Princess Frilly.

Then my mom showed me this picture. I vaguely recognized the crooked teeth under the huge smile that cracked through my wild hair, which was pointing in every direction. I had a giant piece of watermelon in my hands. I was so so happy. It made grown up me weep to feel so separate from that joy.

The Watermelon Girl, as we now fondly call my inner child, reignited my pursuit of things that make me feel alive. Allowing myself to feel blissful about simple things and say no to things that bring back college me has altered the course of my life.

While I’m not always perfect, and sometimes I forget to cherish Princess Frilly like I should, she’s always there for me giving me a thumbs up. She has taught me to be a true friend to myself and to say fuck off to people who don’t see our value. Maybe we can inspire you to do the same.

Be kind and be true.

Princess Frilly

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