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Who is  
Princess Frilly?

well, I can tell what she's doing. (she's eating a donut)

She was wild child.


As a little girl, she loved making mud pies and getting into all sorts of situations involving glue and feathers. she played hard and relished every minute of it. Her mom, Queen Fancy, knew that we need a little magic in life and bestowed upon Caitlyn the nickname of Princess Frilly.

It took years of my adulthood for me to realize that the messy haired ruffian with a lopsided smile and a face full of dirt wasn't someone to be tamed. She didn't need a better LinkedIn profile, or more career credentials, or *almost* perfect grades (even thought she got them,

hey-o!), or even to be truly good at art. 

What she needed was a marker, a giant slice of watermelon, and any viable surface to transform. She needed time to lie around in the sun and make friends with the cottontail rabbits and crows. Everyday I'm learning how to give her exactly what she needs. 

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