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A Night at the SFBC 🍻 Prints

A Night at the SFBC 🍻 Prints

A Night at the Santa Fe Brewing Company 🍻

This painting was an original acrylic piece on an 18"x24" canvas that was commissioned for, and gifted to, a manager at Santa Fe Brewing Company!

I loved working on this one, but the pressure of commissions often makes it difficult to keep going after the first draft or so. I get worried I'll mess up parts that I like, or that the finished piece won't capture the whimsy of the original scene, or that the recipient will find oh so many faults in my work.

This is all in my head.. The painting was so well-received and it is a joy to have it out of my possession and on display!

The original hangs at the SFBC HQ off of 599 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Archival Print Deets:

• Prints are 8.5"x11" and 12"x18" 
• Giclée printing 
• Satin finish

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