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Candyland Series 🍭🌵🌸

Candyland Series 🍭🌵🌸

candylands 🍭🌵🌸

the most recently completed goodies in my collection

this series was an experiment, they’re the first pieces I’ve done on wood

(inspired by the skateboard I finished in May for the @skatekamagraph show)

the pieces have their quirks, including my questionably legible handwriting, and that’s what makes them so sweet 🍬

the colors were chosen carefully to reflect the color scheme in my favorite parts of the (old v.) board game, Candlyland 🍩

I’m a sucker for mint green and ballerina pink 🩰

these pieces are all available individually, or for a $50 discount if you buy them as a set


Deets for original paintings:

✨  5 x 7 x 1"

✨  Acrylic on wood

✨  Sealed in Krylon Kamar Varnish 

✨  Made with love & frills 


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