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🐏  rambunctious 🌀

🐏 rambunctious 🌀

🐏 rambunctious 🌀

this is a bigger piece I’ve been tinkering with since January 2022 and finished for the April ArtWalk Santa Fe event. 


it's all about riding the waves and continuing to play 

  • Original Art

    All original art produced by Princess Frilly Studio and me, Caitlyn Stuart, comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

    This means you are the sole owner of that work, and assuming you don't try to reproduce, copy, or otherwise perform "artistic theft" of it for your own profit, it's yours to do with as you choose! 

    It'll arrive nicely packaged and, unless it's an unframed Original on Paper, it will be ready to hang (or wear)!

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